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Mowing Services 

J Haught Lawn Care is strictly a weekly mowing service. We do not offer bi-weekly mowing service.

Mowing services are done weekly throughout the mowing season mid/late April - end of October. Start and end dates will be determined by weather. expect a 26-28 week season.

J Haught Lawn Care allows two free skip weeks throughout the mowing season for any reason. ie, lawn drought/renovation project ect... If requested to skip a third week throughout the mowing season, we will charge as normal in order for your property to remain on our service route.

Please water accordingly to avoid lawn drought.

Colorado Watering Schedule 

Please give a 24h notice to J Haught Lawn Care if something is stopping the lawn crew from servicing on your properties assigned service day. ie- renovations, construction ect...

If J Haught Lawn Care does not receive a 24h notice to skip or reschedule, you will be charged as normal.

Mowing service includes lawn mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off driveways, sidewalks and patios.  Trimming is completed around beds of any kind, fences and trees. Trimming will not be performed inside mulch/rock beds or outside of lawn. Edging is completed along sidewalks and driveways. Overgrown edging takes more time to complete and can result in a first time service fee of $10. The maximum lot size we mow is 8,000 sq. feet. We use small lawn mowers and cannot efficiently mow large lawns.


We do not bag clippings. Clippings Are Organic Food

Standard Mowing Height 

J Haught Lawn Care has standard mowing heights that are best for keeping your lawn healthy and happy.

• April-May 3in

• June-September 3.5in

• October 3in

• Final mow of the season 2.5in

J Haught Lawn Care will not mow lower than 3in during the months of April-September.

Long Grass

If your lawn is more than 6 inches tall or has not been mowed in the last 10 days, there will be an additional $20.00 charge added to the normal mow price for the cut. This is an added time fee for the cut. It might need bagged/double cut or both & this takes extra time for the crew. Please note that after we cut an overgrown lawn it can take several weeks of mowing for it to look perfectly manicured. 

Our mowers are not designed to mow lawns longer than 12 inches. If your grass exceeds our limit we will notify you after your first scheduled service and you will not be charged. After your lawn is shorter than 12” please let us know and we will resume weekly service. 

Assigned Lawn Service Day

The Lawn Company works Monday thru Friday within designated areas each day of the week ensuring that each customer is assigned a specific service day throughout the season. We make every effort to maintain the same route every week. Once we are into full growing season and our customer base route has filled up, we will attempt to arrive about the same time each week. Several factors can affect our schedule, so we cannot guarantee an exact time or specific time range each service day.

A special visit fee of $20 will be applied to the service if J Haught Lawn care must service your property on a un-assigned day as your property will be off route adding drive time to the crew. Rain delays/reschedules on our end are not considered a special visit.


The Lawn Company works Monday thru Friday and does not take time off for holidays. If your service falls on a Monday which happens to be a holiday, we will still be there to complete the service as scheduled.

Items in the Yard

We ask all customers to please pick up all small items such as toys, hoses, pet waste, and other items in the yard before we arrive each week. Excessive items in the yard will result in a $10.00 clean up fee. The Lawn Company is not responsible for damage to exposed sprinkler lines, other lines, cable, dog fence lines and other items. Trampolines and toys that can be climbed on will not be moved by

J Haught Lawn for liability reasons. 


Once you have been assigned a service day, please adjust your sprinkler schedule to not water the night before your scheduled service day as well as your service day. The dryer the lawn the better your lawn will look and cut. If your property constantly has wet grass due to sprinklers, a wet grass fee of $10 will be added each instance.


Beat the heat, J Haught Lawn Care has a recommended watering schedule designed specifically for colorado lawns. 

Colorado Watering Schedule 


Rain and severe weather are inevitable. We do mow when it rains but only if it is drizzling. If, however, we are washed out due to a heavy rain, our schedule will be adjusted for all remaining services as quickly as possible. To avoid excessively long grass, we recommend allowing us to mow even when the lawn is wet. Typically, if it rains heavily throughout the day, we will be there the next day, weather permitting. If it rains any day in the week prior to your mow day, your mow day could be pushed forward or backward one day as we work to get back on schedule. Your patience and tolerance is greatly appreciated on rain delay weeks. You will never be charged a wet grass fee due to rain.


Please leave your pet inside on your scheduled service days. Please pick up all pet droppings, toys, large bones, large rocks, etc. If pet droppings are not picked up we reserve the right to charge a $10.00 equipment clean up fee per visit. If we arrive to your property and cannot mow the backyard due to a pet in the yard, a locked gate or too much pet droppings, you will still be charged. We are very careful about closing gates before we leave.

Payments (Residential)

Card on file required for service.

For services such as weekly mowing service and seasonal lawn plans the card on file will be charged at the end of each service week for the services performed.

An invoice will be sent to your email at the end of each service week for which services have been provided.

Any one time services performed, and agreed to by the Client, will be billed separately and immediately. An invoice will be provided for services performed. Payment must be made before due date or a $15 late fee will be added.

Declined payments

If your card on file is declined, J Haught Lawn Care will notify you via email or phone call and postpone future services. You must provide a updated payment method before your next scheduled service. A $15 fee will be added for any declined payments. Failure to update your payment method will lead to discontinuing service for the property.


Unpaid Invoices will be reported to a debt collection agency after 90 days of invoice due date. collection fees will be added.

Service price increases and adjustments 

J Haught Lawn Care reserves the right to adjust service pricing during the service season if the property has added or changed landscaping, Economic impact, Fuel, Labor or cost of operations. If J Haught Lawn Care needs to adjust your properties price during the season you will be notified via Email.


J Haught Lawn Care does not require a seasonal contract. We do require a minimum of a 4 week commitment to sign up for our weekly mowing service. After the 4 weeks, the service will continue on a weekly basis (April-Oct). After the 4 week commitment you may cancel your service with us anytime you wish, for any reason, without a cancellation fee, however you must provide a minimum of one week notice of termination and shall pay any remaining balance on services completed the same day as contract termination. The Lawn Company may terminate any service without notice for any reason and without consequence.  Any remaining balance on services completed will be processed the same day as termination.

J Haught Lawn Care will return each year unless you notify us of your desire to discontinue service.

Terms & Conditions

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